Time to File Your 2022 Taxes!

Time to File Your 2022 Taxes!

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Time to File your 2022 Taxes!

1. Send Us Your Tax Documents

Using the Sharefile link below, securely upload all your tax data to begin the preparation of your 2022 tax returns.

Please be diligent during the uploading of your 2022 tax documentation. Once you have compiled all documentation, please ensure everything is uploaded in batches rather than individually, to avoid any administrative issues.

Click here to upload files.

2. Fill Out Our 2022 Questionnaire

We are requiring that you answer our questionnaire as it is pertinent in filing your tax return.

Click here to fill out our questionnaire.

3. Documents Needed:

Necessary Documents:
Driver’s License (front and back)
Wage Statements – Form W-2
Economic Stimulus payments received
Bank Routing and Account information

Other Documents, if Applicable:

– Interest & Dividend Income
– Unemployment Income
– Social Security Income
– Itemized Deductions (Mortgage or Home Equity Loan Interest Paid, Medical Expenses, Charitable Donations, etc.)
– Sales of Stocks & Bonds
– Income & Expenses from Rentals
– Estimated Taxes
– Alimony Paid or Received
– Pension or Retirement Income
– Record of Purchase or Sale of Residence
– Lottery or Gambling Winnings/Losses
– IRA Contributions
– Child Care Expenses and Provider Information
– Un-reimbursed Employment-Related Expenses
– Tuition & Education Fees
– Student Loan Interest
– Foreign Taxes Paid

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